Blog #6


“Bullying builds character like nuclear waste creates superheroes. It’s a rare occurrence and often does much more damage than endowment.” 
― Zack W. Van

I didnt post this quote just to fill space, i posted it because its perfect. Bullying often does way more damage than good. this past week i had been working on my book notes, which are still a work in progress and also my writers craft sheets. any way next week i believe we will be working on either putting our power points together or maybe doing a works cited thing.

Let’s get back to the quote. To put the quote simply, bullying often does more damage than help. i mean its pretty much common sense. Victims of bullying often get self esteem issues, depression, fear of school, and sometimes suicide. Also bullying doesnt help the person doing the bullying either. Later in life, the bullies may fall into tobacco or alcohol, or become abusive to their spouse or future children (“Teenage Bullying”). also in the same article, it talks about how its no surprise cyberbullying is seeing an increase. We live in a sad world where bullying is daily and we are used to it. No one should be used to bullying and the rate of it shouldnt go up. This is our world, we see the wrong, so why dont we ever fix it?


Blog #5



in the past week, i learned what different schools do to prevent bullying and what programs or rules our school should try in order to stop bullying and prevent harassment. next week i plan to finish doing my book notes so i can return my library book.

something that was interesting to me was there were only four steps used in some others schools no bullying systems, these steps are: 

1. Prevent and interrupt

2. check in and refer

3. form team and follow up

4. implement action plan

these steps are simple and already working in other schools. now the question remains…why dont we use them?

my thoughts have changed on how our school is trying to stop bullying. we could follow these steps and prevent atleast one more person from going into depression, or from cutting, or from committing suicide. we could change if people want to come to school or not, and make others feel safe as they walk through the doors. this bullying plan is effective in other schools, so whats the harm in trying it?

Blog #4


This week i found short stories on peoples personal bullying experiences. i learned about what they went through and even the advice some, who committed suicide, had for others. Next week i plan to work on finishing journal reflections.

something surprising i found this week was the personal story of Jamey Rodemeyer. Jamey was gay. He was bullied. Before he committed suicide, he made a video that basically said you can make it through whatever is happening to you. His video is called “It Gets Better. I promise.” if only Jamey could have taken his own advice and stuck through his trials. 

One news story done on Jamey was from Lady Gaga. In one of her concerts she made a tribute to Jamey. she did this because in his last video he said that Lady Gaga was the biggest influence on his life in her song saying, i was born this way.

Blog #3



This week i had been working on reviewing personal stories and i have even found a couple that interest me. one was a girl named Megan Meiers, another was Jamey Rodemeyer, and the last was Amanda todd. these teens all had one thing in common. They committed suicide due to bullying. next week i plan to find short stories on people still alive and what they went through.

Megan Meiers was bullied by a friends mom who pretended to add her on facebook as a cute teenage boy. After they talked a while the friend’s mom started insulting and being rude to Megan to the point of suicide. Jamey Rodemyer made a video on you tube called it gets better. it talked about how life gets better and just push through what trials you are facing. I guess he couldnt make it because he has committed suicide as well, becuse he was bullied. Amanda todd is more well known, she committed suicide after being cyber bullied by the people from her passst.

there souldnt be this many stories on bullied teens.

Blog #2



This week i learned how bullying starts, the effects it has on the victims and bullies, the warning signs, and how we can help those being bullied. next week i plan to finish getting journal articles and maybe read some short stories.

One thing that surprised me was when i read from an article that many schools have programs especially designed to raise awareness of bullying and to help the parents and teachers deal with it. we may have a program at JM, but that doesnt mean its working. having a program is one thing, but having a program that works, are two completely different things. Personally, i dont think this program (if we have it) is working because of all the bullying that still happens whether it be before school, after school, passing time, or even during class. A lot of teachers just pass bullying by as kids just messing around, but its not always messing around. 

some new things i am going to research further on are the actual programs being used in other schools. Im also going to try and find the one that should exist in our school and see why its not working. I want to find a program that works, not one that we can say we have so our school looks like we are doing something.

Blog #1



I have chosen to do my capstone project on the subject of bully. This first week, i had been working on reading my book and taking notes on it. the book I’m reading for this project is called “some girls are” by Courtney summers. next week I plan to find journal articles and write an analysis on the ones i find. 

in the book i chose, there is a girl named Regina. she is part of the popular clique at her school. Until the head of the clique, Anna, decides to freeze her out because anna thinks regina slept with her boyfriend when in reality, anna’s boyfriend tried to rape regina. this book connnects to my research on personal stories because Regina is bullied to thoughts of suicide. many other kids/teens think of suicide, and some even fall over the edge and take their own life; such as a boy named Jamey rodemeyer. Jamey was gay and bullied for it. the bullying got so bad that he committed suicide. Jamey isnt the only one and most likely wont be the last, unless we make a change.

Everyone deals with bullying, whether you’re the bully, you’re the victim, or you’re the  bystander watching the bullying take place. Stand up. Speak out. we can stop bullying if we just chang eone person at at time. This could save lives and help those who cant help themselves.