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I have chosen to do my capstone project on the subject of bully. This first week, i had been working on reading my book and taking notes on it. the book I’m reading for this project is called “some girls are” by Courtney summers. next week I plan to find journal articles and write an analysis on the ones i find. 

in the book i chose, there is a girl named Regina. she is part of the popular clique at her school. Until the head of the clique, Anna, decides to freeze her out because anna thinks regina slept with her boyfriend when in reality, anna’s boyfriend tried to rape regina. this book connnects to my research on personal stories because Regina is bullied to thoughts of suicide. many other kids/teens think of suicide, and some even fall over the edge and take their own life; such as a boy named Jamey rodemeyer. Jamey was gay and bullied for it. the bullying got so bad that he committed suicide. Jamey isnt the only one and most likely wont be the last, unless we make a change.

Everyone deals with bullying, whether you’re the bully, you’re the victim, or you’re the  bystander watching the bullying take place. Stand up. Speak out. we can stop bullying if we just chang eone person at at time. This could save lives and help those who cant help themselves.


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