Blog #2



This week i learned how bullying starts, the effects it has on the victims and bullies, the warning signs, and how we can help those being bullied. next week i plan to finish getting journal articles and maybe read some short stories.

One thing that surprised me was when i read from an article that many schools have programs especially designed to raise awareness of bullying and to help the parents and teachers deal with it. we may have a program at JM, but that doesnt mean its working. having a program is one thing, but having a program that works, are two completely different things. Personally, i dont think this program (if we have it) is working because of all the bullying that still happens whether it be before school, after school, passing time, or even during class. A lot of teachers just pass bullying by as kids just messing around, but its not always messing around. 

some new things i am going to research further on are the actual programs being used in other schools. Im also going to try and find the one that should exist in our school and see why its not working. I want to find a program that works, not one that we can say we have so our school looks like we are doing something.


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