Blog #3



This week i had been working on reviewing personal stories and i have even found a couple that interest me. one was a girl named Megan Meiers, another was Jamey Rodemeyer, and the last was Amanda todd. these teens all had one thing in common. They committed suicide due to bullying. next week i plan to find short stories on people still alive and what they went through.

Megan Meiers was bullied by a friends mom who pretended to add her on facebook as a cute teenage boy. After they talked a while the friend’s mom started insulting and being rude to Megan to the point of suicide. Jamey Rodemyer made a video on you tube called it gets better. it talked about how life gets better and just push through what trials you are facing. I guess he couldnt make it because he has committed suicide as well, becuse he was bullied. Amanda todd is more well known, she committed suicide after being cyber bullied by the people from her passst.

there souldnt be this many stories on bullied teens.


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