Blog #5



in the past week, i learned what different schools do to prevent bullying and what programs or rules our school should try in order to stop bullying and prevent harassment. next week i plan to finish doing my book notes so i can return my library book.

something that was interesting to me was there were only four steps used in some others schools no bullying systems, these steps are: 

1. Prevent and interrupt

2. check in and refer

3. form team and follow up

4. implement action plan

these steps are simple and already working in other schools. now the question remains…why dont we use them?

my thoughts have changed on how our school is trying to stop bullying. we could follow these steps and prevent atleast one more person from going into depression, or from cutting, or from committing suicide. we could change if people want to come to school or not, and make others feel safe as they walk through the doors. this bullying plan is effective in other schools, so whats the harm in trying it?


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